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In order to retrieve your impounded vehicle please read the following information

(1)  Please call to find out which of our lots your vehicle is located in.

(2) When you call request what the charges will be when you plan on picking up the vehicle. Charges may change if you retrieve the vehicle after hours or not in the same day you call.

(3)  You must provide proof of ownership for the vehicle.  Acceptable proof of ownership is ONLY one of the following items:  Title to the vehicle ( in your name ) or Registration to the vehicle (must be valid and in your name) 
(4)  Some police departments require a written release from the police.  Please bring the release with you or we will not be able to return your vehicle to you.

(5)  You must provide GOVERNMENT issued photo identification to retrieve the vehicle.  Id must be yours, match the proof of ownership and be valid.  Acceptable forms of identification are VALID drivers license, VALID non-driver Id, VALID passport, VALID military Id, 15 day temporary license issued when the police confiscated your license ( white form ) *

(6)  You must pay ALL current charges on the vehicle.  The only form of payment accepted for impounds is CASH.

Vehicles that are not drivable from our lot must be towed.  Our insurance does not allow repairs on our property.  This includes all repairs, tire changes ect.  You may have us or a tow company of your choice tow the vehicle.  Tow outs by other companies must be completed during business hours same day or additional storage or after hour release fees may apply.

* If the owner is not available they may designate another person to pick up the vehicle on their behalf by completing a NOTORIZED letter.  An example of an acceptable letter can be found by by following this link.